>Don’t Quote Me On This

“Bean” was a pleasure to have. That is what it said on the note from the kennel. Dave wondered about the use of quotes around his name. I suggested that maybe the kennel thinks “Bean” is Bean’s nickname. But I really shouldn’t make fun of them for two reasons.

1.) I started to look up proper and improper uses of quotation marks to research this blog “article” that I am writing here. But then I got sort of lazy and decided to “give up”.
2.) I should probably have put quotes around the first sentence since I am quoting a line from the note from the kennel. Is that right? I don’t know – see point 1.

I should also not be making fun of the kennel because they let me take Bean without paying since I forgot my wallet. “Oh, we trust you! We’ll see you soon.”

Regardless, I think that a more accurate sentence would have been, Bean was a “pleasure” to have. Just “kidding” Bean!

In other Bean news:

Today I brushed Bean’s hair and got such a big pile of hair that I was thinking of taking it to someone I know who spins fiber into yarn and then weaves things out of the yarn and asking her to make Bean a dog hair sweater. I wish I could take credit for this fabulous “idea” but Dave and I have been joking about the “dog hair sweater” ever since I overheard that same person accepting a zip lock bag of dog hair and saying, “I can’t wait to work with this and see what kind of yarn I can make.”

Lastly, I thought a “funny” blog sidebar to have would be something along the lines of “Bean has gone N days without an accident in the house.” Where N=number of days. But then I realized that it would just be so depressing to keep resetting that number back to zero. On the other hand, I guess the number would go up more often than it would go down. And today we could be celebrating “1” day without an accident. Yea “Bean”!

Update: While I was dropping Luke off at daycare this morning, Bean ate a granola bar and a mocha clif shot (contains 50mg of caffeine). Dave is out of town, so if history tells me anything, I should be rolling up the rug and covering the floors and walls with plastic. (If I had been blogging at the time, I could now link to the “eating everything out of the refrigerator incident”, the “eating the care package from Beth incident”, the “eating a bag of chocolate chips and jumping out of the window and running away incident”, the “eating a bag of whole wheat flour incident”, the “eating a bag of brown sugar incident” and everyone’s favorite, the “eating a box of Malley’s Chocolate and you don’t even want to know the rest of the story incident”.)


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  1. Danielle M.

    >I was having a bad morning at work, so I thought reading your blog might cheer me up – it worked! Funny thing is that I was just telling someone I work with about Bean and the refrigerator “incident.” Oops, was that a correct us of quotation marks?

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