>I jinxed myself the first night by hoping for warm weather. I think it’s safe to say that since I came to my senses, stopped winter camping in the snow, and bought a Eurotrashvan, I have never shivered through such a cold night of camping. Luke did a lot of tossing and turning but every 2 hours or so I said in a loud whisper, “LUKE. If you are too cold, come sleep down here! Do you hear me? Are you too cold?” He never answered. Once, around 5am he said, “Mommy, I’m freeeeeeeeezing.” But Dave told him to get all the way inside his sleeping bag and to pull it up over his head and he’d be warmer. Jack slept the whole night and didn’t even fuss when I checked his head and hands to see how cold they were every half hour or so. Dave also slept really well, and only stirred every 15 minutes or so when I quietly whispered, “Dave! Do you think everyone is too cold? Should we make Luke come down here and snuggle? Or would he roll over on top of Jack? Do you think Luke might be smothered inside his sleeping bag? Dave?”

We did get have some great cuddle time in the morning though.

And Dave refused to get up and “start the long laborious process of making my coffee and breakfast” until he could see someone out the window wearing shorts. I’m not sure the person in shorts ever materialized but Luke and I begged and pleaded and Dave finally got started on breakfast at about 9:30am.

But the best part of the day was when Dave put Jack in the stroller and Luke and I hopped on our bikes and did some serious mountain biking. Luke said, “I love camping because I love to mountain bike.” I was very proud of my little mountain biker.

Two quotes.

Luke: I was climbing the tree and the highest I had gotten was level 5. I was about to go to level 6 when I noticed people were packing. I said, “Are we leaving?” And Daddy said, “yes” and then I started crying because I didn’t want to leave.

Jack (when we got home and he saw his mobile over his bed): Aaaah!

Yes, it was a good time, and it was also nice to get home and sleep in our warm, soft beds.

(Click on any of the pictures to see the whole album in a normal size. You’ll see that it did warm up.)