>I know I’ll often stop and think about them

>Luke is already getting nostalgic for his daycare days. He often waxes melancholy in the evenings and more often than not it’s a bedtime stalling technique. But last night was no act. Sob after heart wrenching sob.


I tried to offer sympathy and solutions but they fell on deaf ears. I told a long story about the last night I spent with my high school friends before we all left for college. How we dressed up in 70’s clothes and hung out at the airport, and topped the evening off with coffee at Denny’s. And how it was sad, but if I had never left for college I wouldn’t have met Daddy. He was not impressed. Or maybe he was just embarrassed that his mom was so weird. Yes, I said WAS so weird.

Then I gave a stern, “OK, now it’s time for bed!” when he started worrying that he would never see Kobie and Kai again if they moved to Sweden. They spend the summers there, but this fall they will all be at the same kindergarten. No need to mourn for those friends.

I was thinking this picture may make Luke less nostalgic for his current daycare. Or at least make him laugh.

His reaction, “Who are those people?”


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  1. Mel

    >OMG – I love that you told him the airport story. You’re still weird, Megan- as are the rest of us. We’d go back and trot around the airport in 70s clothes again if we could.

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