>The Dummening

In an episode of The Simpsons, one thing after another causes Lisa to fear she is losing her intelligence. She keeps a journal of the process, which she refers to as The Dummening. In our house we use that term to describe the slow decline into madness caused by pregnancy, lack of sleep, and breast feeding. Without further ado, I give you some examples from this week:

1.) I took my pump to work, but none of the pump accessories.
2.) I spilled a bunch of breast milk
3.) While deeply engrossed in a newspaper article about sharks, Dave asked me what the weather was going to be. We had this conversation:

Me: Sharky with a chance of sharks.
Dave: What?
Me: (A little louder.) Sharky with a chance of sharks!
Dave: It’s not that I couldn’t hear you, it’s that you aren’t making any sense.
Me: Ooooooohhhhhhhh.
4.) At work I repeatedly referred to a symbolic link as a database link. Except for the word “link” they are completely different. I said, “Oh. Ha ha. I am just saying the wrong words today! Here, I have everything you need to know in this email from a month ago, I’ll forward it.” And yes, in the email I had written database link instead of symbolic link.
5.) I took a picture of Jack playing so hard in his exersaucer that his arms were blurry. I tried to send it to 3 family members with the title, “So busy!” But all they got from me was the text, no picture. Yes, family, I am so busy! Just wanted to text that to you in case you were wondering how I am doing. I’m really busy.


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  1. Bill and Cindy

    >You know, I am sitting here writing a paper for school. I am one quarter from graduating and I am thinking, “man, I need a little pick-me-up.” So I decided to click on the “Megan’s Blog” link I have in my bookmarks. Imagine that, I got a pick-me-up! #1 and #4 of your post makes me think the “pregnancy brain” is continuing after the pregnancy…heehee.

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