>Appeasing Everyone

After dinner, Dave was paged and had to work. Luke went to the bathroom, I put Bean out, and put Jack on the jiminy and started the dinner dishes. I heard a thud and then a yell so I ran to the bathroom with a tiny ice pack in one hand. Luke had hit his head on the bathroom sink and he was crying. I gave him the ice pack and a kiss and a hug, but he seemed determined to see how loud his cries could echo off the bathroom walls. Since I thought he was being overly dramatic, I told him to lie down in my bed for a minute and I would be back to check on him because now Jack was also crying. I picked Jack up and went to check on Luke, who was laying in my bed, still crying and holding the ice pack to his head. He said,

“I think I have a bump.”

So I immediately went into panic mode and ran, with Jack over my shoulder, to get a better ice pack. I came back with a bag of frozen peas. An open bag of frozen peas. I handed it to Luke, who looked skeptical. I said,

“Just try it and see how it feels. I’ll be back with something better, because now Bean is barking to be let in.”

So I ran, with Jack over my shoulder, to get a better ice pack and to let Bean in. On the way back to check on Luke I heard,


And I said,

“The peas.”

Bean was a big help with cleanup, but I am still finding peas after 2 days.

To prevent future injuries we came up with the following solution:


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  1. Anonymous

    >Megan,You are hilarious. I loved the pea story. I hope you have time to keep this up. Don’t lose any stories. They should be published!Love MOM

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